Gerd- Ny import!

Gerd är en ny individtestad Herefordtjur från Tjeckien. Du hittar honom under fliken semindoser.

Nedan presentation av Natural Genetics:
Gerd is another bull from Mr. Machač's herd in our offer. He is one the firts sons of australian bull Mawara Mustang in Czech republic. At present he is TOP 1 in growth in direct effect. Mother's father is Laerkedal Ingermand, who has very milky daughters. Gerd was awarder by 86 point for exterior in selection for breeding and his lowest stamp was 8, which indicate very balanced and harmonical exterior. He weighed 256 kg in 120 days, 378 kg in 210 days and 639 kg in one year! Gerd has excellent breeding values for exterior and also for growth in direct effect (138, TOP 3 in Czech Republic). Gerd is bull which could move population of hereford breed in Czech Republic on a big step forward.